It’s a Painful Decision That Requires a Lot of Thought

Deciding to divorce can be a very tough, and many times, painful decision. It means a complete change to your current lifestyle, including your housing, finances, and most significantly, changes with regard to many of your most important relationships, especially if children are involved. It is normal to feel confused and ambivalent about divorcing and it is not a decision that should be made impulsively or without a lot of thought. Often, a couple will make a diligent effort to try therapy to see if they can resolve their problems and will work hard at saving their marriage. This can sometimes be successful, or it may further confirm that the marriage is over.

The list is lengthy, but some of the issues leading to divorce include infidelity, betrayal, neglect, an erosion of trust and respect, lack of financial or emotional support, diminished involvement in the relationship, abusive or coercive behavior, addictions, untreated mental or emotional issues, escalating and unresolved arguments, end of intimacy, or lack of shared goals. It could be that the partners have simply grown apart and have nothing in common anymore. If any of these issues resonate with you, you probably have already considered divorce and may also have begun to imagine a new, happier future without your partner.

Being Reluctant Just Wastes Time

Even if divorce is your idea and you are the first to bring it up, there is a pretty good chance that your spouse is not that happy with the way things are going in your marriage, either. Many couples, although they may recognize that the marriage is over, will sometimes try to avoid that reality just because of the fear of what lies ahead. Reluctance to face the situation keeps couples stuck in dysfunctional relationships and wastes precious time in not allowing life to be lived to the fullest. When staying in an irreparable relationship, couples fall into bickering and fighting, ultimately creating a negative and stifling environment for themselves and those around them. By prolonging the inevitable, the only thing that is accomplished is that the relationship between the spouses is made even worse.

If you are in a situation where divorce is a real possibility, it is very important to adopt the mindset that there is nothing disgraceful about ending a marriage. Don’t look at it as a failure, or start to buy into the negative and often misguided generalizations that surround divorce and the legal aspects of the divorce process. If children are involved, realize that it is not in their best interest to live in a home where the parents are unhappy and only staying together for the “sake of the kids.”

Making the Decision with Confidence

If both spouses can separate emotions from the divorce process, both will benefit in the long run. How you go about ending your marriage is an important choice. You can choose avoidance, grief, fear, and anger, or you can approach divorce with a rational and cooperative plan. It is perfectly normal for there to be a flood of emotions, as separation and divorce is never an easy process. Don’t think of deciding to divorce as the beginning of a battle, instead try to shift the perspective, talk to your spouse about how you will work together to make the whole process as easy as possible, and see if you can agree on some common goals.

Seek the Representation of Hulse Law Firm

The attorneys of Hulse Law Firm understand that divorce is an enormous decision and not to be made impulsively or lightly. It takes a great deal of time and heartfelt consideration to arrive at that decision. Call Hulse Law Firm today to schedule a legal consultation. We are highly skilled family attorneys who understand all aspects of divorce not only from a legal perspective, but from an emotional one as well. We are here to help you work through and clarify many of the issues that you are facing, and see to it that your rights and interests are protected every step of the way.