The Hulse Law Firm understands that it is a big decision to hire an attorney, especially given that may result large financial commitment of the client. Accordingly, the Hulse Law Firm tailors its fee structure to meet the individual needs of each client.

Free Consultation

Free consultations, up to 30 minutes in length, are offered to potential clients at the Hulse Law Firm. A consultation is a great opportunity for a potential client to ask general questions and meet with the attorney to determine if representation may be appropriate.


Mediation services are offered at an hourly rate, and the fee is due at the completion of mediation. Costs of mediation are generally split equally between the parties, unless a different agreement is reached before mediation is scheduled. Mediation must be scheduled for a minimum of two hours, but usually can continue until the parties reach a satisfactory agreement or believe it is otherwise completed.

General Legal Representation in Domestics Relations Case

The Hulse Law Firm provides legal services at an hourly rate. Retainers are required in each case and will be “sustaining retainers.” Retainers will vary in each case depending on the complexity of the case, the estimated time a case may require, whether a hearing is already scheduled and imminent, and the location of the case.

A “sustaining retainer” means that a client will be asked to keep the retainer at its initial amount throughout the case. Essentially, a client will be paying for services actually rendered on a periodic basis throughout the pendency of his or her case, so that the retainer remains at its original amount.

This process allows for the Hulse Law Firm to accept lower initial retainers than many law firms in town. A client often asks how much his or her case will cost once it is finalized. This is difficult to answer because many factors are involved in the cost, including the complexity of assets, the amount of assets and debts, whether children are involved, the level of conflict in a case, and the amount of assistance a client requires on a variety of issues.

The Hulse Law Firm wants to assist clients in keeping their costs as low as practicable. If you have questions on how to keep costs down, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Unbundled Legal Services/Estate Planning

If a client wants to retain an attorney on a limited basis, either a flat fee or a much lower retainer will be required, depending on the type of services a client is requesting. Clients will be charged flat fees for preparation of different Estate Planning Documents.

To determine the rate and/or retainer for unbundled services or estate planning documents, please contact the Hulse Law Firm directly.