Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers in Denver, CO

Same-sex couples who were married in Colorado or legally married in another state and who are now Colorado residents may seek a divorce. The same marital laws that apply to heterosexual couples for divorce apply to same-sex couples. That means assets and debts accrued from the date of civil union or marriage are subject to division, prenuptial agreements can be upheld, and custody and support agreements will need to be negotiated. Even though same-sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples, they will also have an equivalent amount of complexities. Seek the counsel and expertise of a LGBTQ family lawyer in Denver, CO from Hulse Law Firm. We have vast experience in this area of law and can guide you through the process with confidence and compassion.

Overview of Colorado Divorce Laws

Colorado is a no-fault state, meaning that you don’t need to have grounds for a divorce. However, there are two requirements for divorce in Colorado:

  • The couple must have entered into a legal marriage or civil union
  • One of the parties has lived in Colorado for at least 90 days

Many other states recognized same-sex marriage before Colorado did and some couples now living in Colorado were married in another state. Fortunately, Colorado enacted a provision that requires all marriages and civil unions to be treated the same, as long as the agreements were legal at the time and place in which they occurred. While these requirements may seem straightforward, there are other extenuating circumstances that will need to be considered when terminating a relationship, including support, and if there are children involved, parenting time. That is why it is important to seek legal representation.

Civil Unions

Before 2014 when same-sex marriage became legal in Colorado, the state recognized same-sex civil unions. The process of ending a civil union is generally the same as dissolving a marriage as long as the couple entered into the agreement lawfully at the time. Couples who did not officially enter into a legal marriage may need to adhere to the Colorado common law separation laws. Either way, Hulse Law Firm can assist with the termination of a legal relationship.

Division of Marital Property

One of the challenges that same-sex couples face when ending their relationship is reaching resolutions regarding the division of assets and debts. Because same-sex couples may have lived together for many years before a civil union or marriage, there are unique complexities as to defining property that is owned separately versus jointly owned. A skilled lawyer can help with identifying marital property and negotiate on your behalf for a fair divorce settlement and all that you are entitled to.

Have Questions for Denver Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers?

Our society is changing at break neck speed and so are the legal precedents that pertain to same-sex unions. Hulse Law Firm is well-versed and current on all that pertains to LGBT family law. Your future is too important to trust it to anyone other than the finest Denver attorneys. Meet with us today to discuss the many options and best path forward for you.